Fogo Island


We made two visits to dance at the Brimstone Head Folk Festival on Fogo Island: in 1997 and 1999.  On the second visit, Frankie Hanley wrote the following:

Singing in the rain is one thing – dancing in the rain quite another, as the Demonstration Team discovered recently at the Fogo Island Folk Festival. Truthfully, it wasn’t just rain – it was a torrential downpour, blown directly onto the stage (and the dancers) by strong winds. Not only the dancers, but also the stage and the sound equipment got dangerously wet, so the Saturday evening dance performance and other Folk Festival events, came to an abrupt halt. Sunday was warm and sunny, and when the Folk Festival resumed, the Royal Scottish Country Dancers presented reels, jigs and strathspeys to a very responsive and appreciative audience. […] The Demonstration Team of dancers was accompanied by their own cheering squad, and all enjoyed the beautiful ferry trip to Fogo, and the hiking and sightseeing excursions.