The St. John’s (Newfoundland) Branch has published two books of dances and one book of music for dancing.

“All around the circle” includes three dances by local devisors inscribed as a suite for the  quincentenary of John Cabot’s voyage of discovery to Newfoundland.  The remaining eleven dances were devised by visiting teachers to our workshops.  Music is included for some of the dances. [List of Contents]

“Dance around this one” contains thirteen dances devised by local dancers and teachers.  Once again, music is included for some of the dances. [List of Contents]

“Our kind of music” is a compilation of 48 dance tunes composed and arranged by Bruce Shawyer and 6 tunes composed and arranged by Tara Bryan.  Many of the tunes commemorate local events and/or are dedicated to some of our dancers.  [List of Contents]

These publications may be purchased by mailing the Book Order Form with a cheque or money order directly to the St. John’s (Newfoundland) Branch. Canadian addresses please send in Canadian dollars, all other addresses please send in US dollars.

“Dance around this one” and “Our kind of music” are also available from TACBooks.